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Graham and I decided that, after our North American roadtrip, we needed to continue adventuring. We sold all our belongings and moved to Thailand in February 2015. We’re currently exploring the Asian side of the world (focusing on Southeast Asia).

Journey over the Pacific

Thailand fun facts, customs and etiquettes (that may seem strange to Westerners)

Welcome to Bangkok: a beautifully overwhelming city where your senses are constantly under attack.

We spent one week in Bangkok and one week in Phuket Town area, trying to figure out where to live.

Here’s why we chose to live in Phuket, Thailand

Househunting in Phuket – the pros, the cons

A food tour through a night market (Chaofa Weekend Market in Chalong)

I spent my birthday exploring around Phuket

One month in and here are our thoughts

Thai New Year (Songkran) was not to be missed! Here’s how we celebrated.

For our first flagpole run, we went to Singapore.

I started volunteering at a rural village, teaching English.

There are quite a few differences between travelling abroad and living abroad.

Our first island trip was to Koh Phi Phi (sometimes we forget that we live on an island 😉)

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