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Who are we?

I’m Roma and I’m married to Graham, my fellow traveller in this earthly journey of life.

We’re both 29 years young, love Jesus and love to adventure. We have each had our own fair share of worldly experiences and met abroad while doing our own things – I was pursuing a MSc in London, England, while Graham was travelling the world with a small backpack for a year. Funny enough, we’re both from central Alberta (Canada)! There’s a blogpost in the works of how we met…

We pseudo-eloped in April 2014 and our explorations have only just begun. We’re currently learning and living in Phuket, Thailand.


Why Christian Nomads?

Life is about making the most of what you’re given. We’re blessed beyond measure and have the capability to move around during this phase of our lives.

“We are blessed in order to be a blessing.”

I’m determined to find Jesus wherever we go, and make sure He comes with us. You may not see Him through our words, but I’m hoping He’ll be evident to you through our actions.


What do we blog about?

We talk about trips we go on, what life is like as an expat, and every now and then we write about something Jesus-related.

I try to blog about once per week.


Thanks for following along in our journey 🙂


  1. Wow. Can’t imagine we had similarities. Couples who love to travel! 🙂 – myk

  2. Macy


    This is so encouraging to see that there’s people out there who have achieved the lifestyle I dream of! Thanks guys!

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