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Pants and other things we’re looking forward to returning to

(Inspired by a friend’s post)

By “returning to”, I clearly mean the Western world, as we won’t be returning to Canada quite yet. There are a lot of undiscovered gems about Poland that I’m excited to explore, but there are comforts of Western culture that we’ve missed in the last year and a half.


Understanding the language.

Quality products.


Running outside.

Cooking. I didn’t know that, by taking away the option to cook, I’d miss cooking. But I do.


  • wearing my hair down!
  • having makeup not melt off my face
  • shoes
  • pants. I’m so excited to wear pants again.

Bring on the changes!

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  1. Hot baths on cool evenings. Reasonably priced GOOD wine. Groceries without faces. Cute sweaters. CHEESE.

    • Roma


      Two more sleeps, just two more sleeps! Oh boy, exciting times await!

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