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Humidity and other things we are ok with leaving behind

(Inspired by a friend’s blogpost)

There are certain things we’re alright with leaving here in Thailand…

Helmet hair (hair goes up, hair goes down, hair goes up, hair goes down. Day after day after day. It got old really fast.)

Sometimes it’s easier just to leave our helmets on for photos.

And snails that decide to make their home in our helmets:

Grocery shopping on a scooter. Carrying *anything* on a scooter, really.

Wearing ponchos/getting wet while on a scooter:

We're only happy because we're about to go inside.
We’re only happy because we’re about to go inside.

Traffic. And weaving in and out of it:

Limited hours for buying alcohol (and pricey alcohol at that).

The concept of saving face.

Asian showers:

The sun. As much as I love it, it’s really intense here. A mere few hours, even WITH sunscreen, can lead to this:

Humidity. It makes everything 27x hotter, stickier, and zaps our energy. (Though it’s not all bad… I’ve lost a lot of weight by sweating this year! 😀 ) 

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