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We actually visited London, ON, where a good friend of mine and her husband now live, but there are no pictures to show for that. We enjoyed a nice dinner and hanging out with them for the first time since their wedding!

Toronto was very reminiscent of London for me, if not only for the people. We stayed with K & M who I met in London (I still remember Thanksgiving 2011, where I’m sure I had more than my fair share of brussel sprouts with lemon and bacon) and we had dinner with a couple others (T & L) who were also originally London friends. It’s funny – when you meet Canadians abroad, they become your international friends that you can always hang out with.

Ummmm, Toronto… you have to work on your parking signs. This is ridiculous. This one was near Aunties and Uncles, where we met up with a friend for a delicious brunch.

The first day was really gloomy and foggy.

The next day proved to be much nicer (and more humid than I’m used to, wow), so we walked around and enjoyed the scenery in TO. We ended up at the St. Lawrence Market which was similar to, but just not quite the same as, Borough Market in London.

Do have a Peameal Bacon Sandwich here if you get a chance. Wow, it was amazing!

Snapped this pic of the Old Distillery right before it started to pour.

Good thing we made it to the Mill Street Brewery two minutes later to enjoy a delicious pint of (what else) Pumpkin Ale.

Thanks for a great last evening, K & M! Visit us soon 😀

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