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It was so so so so good to see K+D again in their (now) hometown of Montreal! K and I go back to high school and I love how our friendship can just take off from where it was last… even years later. Their home was truly a blessing to us in the heart of Montreal. So much so that the experience we had in Montreal made us truly fall in love with the city!

Despite the rain on the first night, we had an amazing time going to K+D’s church, meeting their friends (and eating at Atwater Market), experiencing some of D’s fine cooking, and playing one of our favourite board games, Dixit!

We had dinner with Marie, blogger over at A Montrealer Abroad, who I met in London a few years ago. L’Gros Luxe is an affordable hipster restaurant, famous for their Caesar’s with little toppings.

The next day, we enjoyed a nice walk up to the top of Mont Royal.

The view from a friend’s office building.

The architecture in Montreal reminds me a lot of London.

I really loved the little walk ups and brick rowhouses everywhere. Maybe one day we’ll live in one 🙂

We made our way to the beautiful Parc La Fontaine…

The tree looked like it was burning!

The graffiti in this town is really cool!

We also had a chance to go Old Montreal. Beautiful!

New and old

It’s safe to say Montreal is one of my favourite cities; I can’t wait to return!

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  1. Andrea Zoellner

    Andrea Zoellner

    Great photos!

    • Roma Sobieski

      Roma Sobieski

      Great city!

  2. Kevin


    I’m in Montreal right now. It doesn’t look like this.

    • Roma Sobieski

      Roma Sobieski

      I’m sure it’s beautiful in its own cozy, wintery way!

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