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Minnesota and Wisconsin

Because we’re trying to get across the country (and then as far south) as quickly as possible, we stopped in Minneapolis, but only to sleep.

Downtown Minneapolis

At one of our rest points on the way to Chicago the next day, we were made aware of the Great River Road Wisconsin, which parallels the Mississippi River online projects. We immediately re-routed and decided to experience some amazing scenery.

The Great River Road Wisconsin. Picturesque!


Alma, Wisconsin. Population: 781.

As we stopped at Danzinger Vineyeards to see some magnificent views, we found out there’s a Great River Road Wine Trail¬†.¬†Clearly we need to return for this entire experience.

Mississippi River views

We took a winding road to the top of some bluffs (steep cliffs) to the Buena Vista Park, where the overlook provided us with some views of the Lock and Dam, and Minnesota across the river.

Selfie on the Mississippi

We made it into Chicago very late, but the views were certainly worth the few hours detour!

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